Democratic National Convention

Shame on the Democrats for using a Child to promote their Agenda at the National Convention. Leave children out of this Hate Race for the White House. When I saw that Child get up and speak about her undocumented parents and the fear of deportation, I was shocked beyond belief. In the words of DR. Phil, “You don’t bring into or discuss with Children Adult situations that the Child has no control over.” So I say to all of the Democrat’s…..APOLOGIZE4THAT


The United States of America have enacted laws to protect those that are different. LGBT community, minorities, disabled people, different religions, all protected under the Hate crime laws and Discrimination laws ect, ect. There is one group of Americans that don’t have the protections of the law. That group is “Big People”. There are bigoted  people that have preconceived judgement’s about “Big People”. Keep your judgements to yourselves, these people are just like everyone else. They want the same thing’s in life as everyone else. If you loathe “Big People”, if you laugh at “Big People”, if you whisper about “Big People” then you need to APOLOGIZE4THAT!

Becky with the good hair.

Beyoncé’s lyric in her new video/song ‘Lemonade’ has been called a ‘Slur to White Woman’ says Wendy Williams. Maybe to some white woman it’s offensive but the majority of white woman don’t get offended. Call white women Cracker, Becky, whatever. It’s not offensive because white woman have no problem with being white. They like being white.


Gift Recipient’s

I went to a Wedding and I gave the Bride and Groom a ‘Ninja Bullet’ the mighty blender. I love that little tool in the kitchen and the Bride was a fantastic cook. Months later I saw the Bride and I asked her how she liked the ‘Ninja’. She said that she has never liked the Ninja and she gave it to her neighbor who really likes the Ninja. Really!? Now this is where Manner’s Matter. Sometimes you just need to keep a secret. She could of returned it and she could have given it to her neighbor but she didn’t need to tell me that she hated it and given it to her neighbor. APOLOGIZE4THAT!!!!!!


Cat Lady!

I know a Cat Lady who doesn’t have a Cat. There are plenty of Stray Cat’s running around outside, but the Stray Cat’s won’t let the Cat Lady catch them and love them. I don’t understand? A home, food , Love? Cat Lady doesn’t have a Cat!


Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer has been accused of stealing Jokes. Now that’s funny.

  1. Amy Schumer is not funny.
  2. If Amy Schumer stole your joke, then that means you’re not funny.
  3. Amy Schumer needs to steal some jokes, from the likes of Jay Leno, Steven Colbert,  Bill Maher and Lisa Lampanelli.
  4. Amy Schumer
  5. Apologize4that



Mexican Cartel traveling through our National Parks.

Yes, it’s true. The Mexican Cartel is traveling through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. They are smuggling drugs across the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. They are selling their drugs to American’s and then buying guns in America. They take their newly bought guns and their drug money and travel back to Mexico, on foot, through our National Monument. The Border Patrol is doing their best to stop this invasion, they need help. President Obama needs to send our Military to help secure the Arizona Border and STOP this Madness. This activity has been going on a long time. APOLOGIZE4THAT.

Hi, My Name is Cancer!

Hi, It’s Cancer. I am not the astrological sign, I am  the defective cells in your body that divide and attack your healthy cells. If you don’t detect me, I can move about your body, cause you great suffering, and eventually take your life. I am a terrorist and for this I apologize to all humans on earth.